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about zero waste living

Hi, my name is Candice & I am a full time Wife, Mumma, Barista (if you follow me long enough, you’ll realise coffee is my life source šŸ˜‰) and a zero waste enthusiast.

I started on this zero waste journey 5 years ago, with the simple step of buying a reusable keep cup. Slowly, step by step I started to implement zero waste living tactics into our everyday lives as a family & now, five years later, we run a household that does its best to create as little waste as possible.

NOW, I’m a realist, we have days where we still forget our resusables when we leave the house, or we order something & forget to ask for “no straw” or “no plastic bag please.” But, when this happens we just do our best to deal with the waste is a responsible manner & determine to do better next time.

My Goals

My goal with this website & blog is to let the average person know that you can slowly but surely start living the zero waste life, while on a family budget, working long hours & looking after a family.

Be encouraged that your simple, little steps will actually create a bigger impact than you think.

where to start

If you don’t know where to start, may I suggest reading some of the small statistic articles that I have on here. Not to depress you but to motivate you to just do something.

Thanks for joining me & good luck on your own zero waste journey.