The Waste Free Kitchen

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen generates the most waste. Most people buy too much food, and the average Australian home throws out around 20% of their food shopping each year. That adds up to 4 million tonnes of food, worth about $8-10 billion.

Eventually, all of these items are thrown away, some sooner than others. Then there are the products that we use to clean our kitchen with, which often contain pollutants such as microbeads. When we examine the waste that our kitchen generates, it can be shocking.

No-one can deny that these are shocking figures. It’s not just food waste that is a problem. The average kitchen contains multiple plastic items, including bottles, storage containers, bags, and packaging. Even the washing-up sponges we use contain plastic.

The good news is that reducing the waste your kitchen produces can be achieved through making some basic changes to how you shop, the products that you choose for your kitchen, and finding durable, environmentally friendly alternatives. Not only will these changes reduce your impact on the planet, they will also save you money. Follow our simple tips and advice and you can make a real difference.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash