Zero Waste Travel

Travel is a fact of life. Whether it’s to getting to work, visiting distant friends and family, or taking a well-earned holiday, we all have to travel. In this modern world, travelling is easy. Travelling zero waste is can be much harder.

On planes, everything is single use, and most items are either made of plastic, or are wrapped in it. At the end of a flight, all of the waste is lumped together and disposed of, with no attempt to even recycle it.

From carbon emissions, through to drinks served in single-use cups, it all adds up. All travel produces waste. Even the most efficient vehicles emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Public transport requires tickets. There may be free papers at stations, and tram and bus stops.

Travelling zero waste is not easy but, with some adjustments, it is possible for travellers to significantly reduce the waste that their journey produces. From taking reusable water bottles and your own food, to packing minimally, there are plenty of ways to reduce your impact on the planet when travelling.

Photo by Benjamin Punzalan on Unsplash