Waste free family life

Having children is not only expensive, but it generates a lot of waste. From the obvious, such as nappies and baby wipes, through to outgrown clothes and toys, these are all waste that will need to be disposed of. In Australia, the vast majority of waste goes to landfill, where some items will take hundreds of years to completely disappear.

Living waste free means reducing what we take into our homes to begin with. This could be converting to cloth nappies, buying second-hand clothes, using farmers’ markets, or using basic, natural products to clean with. Going waste free has other benefits too. We all know that family life is expensive.

While recycling is often seen as the solution to waste, it isn’t. Recycling requires energy, and many materials can be recycled just once or twice before they are no longer able to be reused. The only real way to reduce the impact of family life on the planet is to live waste free.

When we cut down on packaging, possessions, and products, the cost of living also goes down. If you’re interested in living a waste free family life, there is plenty of advice, tips, and ideas to help you with your journey to a more environmentally - and wallet - friendly future.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash