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Everyday Living Without Waste

Everyday living involves waste. It’s a fact of life. From throwing away the cardboard tube from the toilet roll, to buying clothes that we don’t need, it all creates waste, and waste is one the major problems facing our planet today. According to Greenpeace, the average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste every single year. With a population of around 24.5 million, and most of it being sent to landfill, that’s a big problem.

Many of us aren’t even aware of the waste that we generate in our everyday lives. When we throw away an old toothbrush, bananas that were left in the fruit bowl, or a broken toy, we rarely give it another thought. But if we start looking around and actively noticing what we are putting in the trash, we can begin to reduce our impact on the world through reducing our waste.

Over-consumption is a common feature in modern life, and is one of the main causes of waste. Many people have overflowing wardrobes, cupboards filled with things that have been forgotten about, and gadgets that they’ve used once or twice. It’s not surprising. We live in an ever-more commercial world, where millions are spent convincing us that we need the latest item to be happy.

When we become aware of how much waste we produce, the idea of living waste free can seem impossible. But, with a few simple changes to your life, such as changing to reusable bags, and buying food from local producers, it is achievable. Through following our advice and guidance, you can find out how you can live everyday without waste.

Photo by on Unsplash