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25 More Zero Waste Living Tips for Families

Living a zero waste lifestyle can take a lot of work, especially when you have a family. But once you get started, it becomes second nature. Not only are you reducing your waste and helping the environment, but you're also passing on good habits to your children. If you want to get rid of as much waste as possible by reducing, reusing and recycling, there are many things that you can do to achieve your goals. Here are 25 more useful zero waste living tips for families to help you continue to make changes. You can read the first 25 ideas here:   Here’s the next 25 on our list –   26. Stop using cotton buds Cotton buds are...

How I do Zero Waste on a Budget with a Family & a Full Life…

A lot of you that follow me on Instagram expressed your interest in me writing this blog post so it’s my pleasure to oblige  A Typical Day in our Home is as follows: 5:30am wake up at the latest (4:45 on Friday/Saturday’s as I open the cafe) Lunches / breakfasts prepared while I drink my tea Kids dressed & ready by 7:30am leaving them time to play/create/chill I’m out the door by 7:45am as I start at my family’s cafe at 8am, hubby does the school drop off run & heads straight to his office. Work til 12/1 depending on the day - bike home to get dinner started, eat lunch, spend 30mins or so with hubby if he is...


My 1st Year Of “Buy Nothing New” and Why I Am Going to Do It Again

2017! Wow, what a year. My first year of “Buy Nothing New.

Many people have done this challenge, however few have done it while living in a home with 2 small children and a partner that is still in the early stages of understanding “zero waste.”

Last year while on our annual motorcycle ride, I had 2 weeks to just think and re-evaluate our world, consumerist wise. As I packed for the bike trip I looked at what I was taking for a 2-week trip and realised just how little I needed to be clothed, warm and happy.