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HELLO 2019

Welcome to 2019…Wow, anyone else kinda still catching up on what was 2018?! Haha… My little fam and I have some small Zero Waste Intentions/Improvements rolling out in our household for this year, so I thought I would share them with you all…

1. We are no longer shopping at any of the Big Chain Supermarkets. We have been playing with this idea for a while now, slowly but surely adjusting what we can buy from where in order to make the final leap … We now do a combination of stores & the local farmers market. Depending on my work roster etc, each week we go collect our fresh produce / sourdough & pizza bases from the farmers market. We have a great relationship with the stall holders & manage to get just about everything package free. We have a whole foods bulk store in town now, so as we run out of things we make a list & take our jars/bags to refill when it’s convenient. The local butcher accepts my glass containers now that I have explained what and why we do what we do, which my love & my daughter are very happy about as I told them they’d have to give up meat if the butcher wouldn’t take our containers lol  if I’m rostered on weekends, my local fruit n veg store is willing to take my own produce bags out the back to the fridges to get me loose green beans and loose lettuce etc so that I don’t have to buy the plastic wrapped ones on the shelves, all it took was a “please” and then a big “thank you.”

2. We are growing a small garden. All basic herbs are now growing nicely in our garden, tomatoes  are going nuts and the cucumber 🥒 is trying to take over  we are attempting 🥕 carrots, beetroot and Onions also, stay tuned.

3. We are making every 3rd month a “No Spend Month “ in order to keep our budget under control & hopefully afford a few more weekends away on the motorcycle  and a trip to Sydney to see family. We believe in experiences over stuff, this is just another way to make sure that happens.

4. 3rd Year in a row, we are attempting to continue our “Buy nothing New” year in the clothing area of our world. This means only Second Hand or hand me downs for the kidlets and hopefully NOTHING for the adults – This could get interesting haha…

5. We are working on following our flow chart of Zero Waste Living – REFUSE – REUSE – REDUCE – RECYCLE – ROT and my personal favourite – BORROW!  So many people own SO many Things! And if you ask, the worst they can say is no 

6. We have set a goal to only give Homemade, Handmade or re-loved (second hand) gifts this year. The kidlets are still wrapping their heads around this one, but we will see how we go. Up until now we have always done a combination of it all and some new stuff too, this was my way of weening them off the consumer lifestyle their Father has them living at his place (shared parenting is interesting sometimes haha) and helps them see how they can live and actually feel a lot happier for doing so.

7. Being PRESENT… Believe it or not, this has everything to do with Zero Waste Living. One of the main reasons society has become consumed with consuming is because we’re always looking for “the next thing.” Instead, our little family is focusing on being in the moment, with whoever is there, in the place we are. Just being. Enjoying. Practicing Thankfulness and being satisfied with what we “have.”

Anyway, I look forward to this year with you all, thanks for reading