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Once upon a Zero Waste Valentines…


Valentines Day – Like it, Hate it, or indifferent towards it, it comes every year. My love & I like to celebrate it as another excuse to be mushy with each other,(insert vomit noises from our kids here 😂 haha.)

Thought I’d share a few Zero Waste Date Ideas & a few Zero Waste Gift Ideas for you all, in case you want to be mushy like us 😉❤

Zero Waste Date Ideas:

  1. Star Gazing… I have an app on my phone that has all the information you could possibly need on the sky above us, simply activate the app, point it to the sky & it will tell you all you need to know…
  2. Picnic 🧺 in your Valentines favourite location – Beach, Bush, Lake, Museum… You name it ☺️ Make your own food, refill a Wine bottle or returnable Kombucha bottle and let love have its way 💗
  3. Mountain Climb/Bush Walk/Hike to a Waterfall… It’s about spending TIME together! Take the time to do something Technology Free & enjoy each other 😍

Zero Waste Gift Ideas:

  1. Make their Favourite Snack food from Scratch 😋 The Internet is filled with every possible recipe there is, put aside a couple of hours & make your Valentine some super yummy treats.
  2. Write them a Poem, a Song, a Story of how you met & fell in love 🥰
  3. Make them a Handmade Voucher for A Massage 💆‍♂️ 💆‍♀️ Or their favourite Dinner made when the ask etc etc
  4. Go pick them Flowers from a field or the forest 🌳 it will mean so much more that you’ve collected them yourself ☺
  5. Plant a Seedling & dedicate it to your Valentine, give them a note explaining that you want to watch the plant grow, just like your love together 💕

Enjoy your Valentines Day & remember, the most important thing your Valentine wants, IS YOU ❤

(gah, mushy stuff haha 😂)