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The Budget Guide to Everyday Zero Waste….

If you’re on Social Media then you’re bound to see countless posts about the latest & greatest “It items” for Zero Waste Success haha… Now, while there are awesome products out there, I for one am on a tight budget, doing my best to keep a roof over my family’s head, nourish their bodies & unstuff this planet we live on in the process  Anyone else with me??

Here is short list for those who want to live the Zero Waste basic lifestyle WITHOUT the hefty price tags珞

You don’t need a fancy Reusable Cup for your daily coffee/tea run – a mug from your kitchen cabinet will do – a repurposed glass jar with a lid if you need to transport it in the car ( grab a cloth napkin & tie it around the bottle to insulate it & make it easy to hold) anything that will hold liquidSmiling Face

Repurpose Jars / containers from food items you bring into your home – no need to go out & purchase containers to refill at the Bulk store/Markets/Grocery Store. 99% of my reusable items are simply repurposed from items that were already in my home. I use Repurposed Jars for EVERYTHING haha – freezing leftovers, storing dry goods in the pantry, a vase for flowers, the list is endless & doesn’t need to cost you a cent

Cutlery – if you own cutlery in your home then you’ve solved your issue already – no need for fancy “cutlery kits” – I have a fork, butter knife, and teaspoon all in the bottom of my handbag – only time this doesn’t work is for travel, to which I put them in my checked luggage & have snacks prepared in my Jars so that I have no need for the cutlery til I’ve reached my destination.

Produce Bags = Pillow Cases  have a look in your linen cupboard, my bet is that there is more than a few odd pillow cases in there, and they’re normally made form light weight fabric that doesn’t add to the weight on the scales – also, Paper bags are a great low Waste alternative too – I save the bags from our mushrooms & use them for all sorts of things.

Water Bottle – any bottle will do! I know a friend of mine that repurposed a Wine Bottle as her Water Bottle she gets the best looks in public when she gets thirsty & needs a drink – especially when her son asks for sip Bahahaha… anyway, like I said, any bottle will do…

Reusable bags = old tops/t-shirts upcycled YouTube the “ T-Shirt Bag” tutorials – you’ll thank me later

Wrapping Paper for Gifts = any paper you have in the house – your kids drawings that are lying around, the wrapping your loo paper came in ( we use “Who gives a Crap” toilet paper, a 48 roll box lasts this home 6 months, and the paper wrapper gets a second life as all sorts of things

Cloth Napkins / “Un Paper towels” = An old bed sheet cut up into squares or an old bath towel – trim the edges & if you can borrow or own a sewing machine, just hem the edges to keep them from fraying & Ta-Da

BONUS TIP * Cat Toys* – The paper tube from your toilet paper roll – a scrunched up ball of paper after its finished with – leaves from the garden – feathers you’ve found on the ground when walking /hiking, attached to a string on the end of stick… all of these are used in our home on regular basis & our cats are always entertained.

Hope these tips have helped, always happy to answer any questions, shoot me an email or find my on Instagram thanks for reading