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E Waste & The future

For all of you who were able to watch Episode 2 of the Second Series of War On Waste, how eye opening was it about Australia and our addiction to technology!!??

For those of you who know me, I’m one of “those people” who dislike technology – ironic that I’m using my phone to type this blog I know.. but that comes out of the fact that it’s the ONLY piece of technology I personally own… Now, my home has a Tv (it came with hubby when we got married) He owns an IT company (yes, you read right, insert hysterical laughter here) so he owns a Pc to which he makes his livelihood off of and a Tablet for his meetings. Our Miss 9 owns an IPad for school as it’s now a requirement – what’s wrong with books by the way!? Mister 6 owns nothing! He will also require an IPad next year (grr) but for now, nothing.

Now, I am guilty of changing my phone every couple of years when the contract runs out, UP UNTIL NOW – this will not be happening until it physically does not work anymore this time round…

How do we “get away” with such little tech in our home you ask – simple – I say No to anything else – seriously, the kids have only asked a couple of times for a PlayStation4 because they own one at their fathers place & I sat down with them and explained that because we only get a certain amount of days together per week, I’d much rather spend time with them playing or drawing or exploring than in front of the tv. It took them a few weeks to get over it & a lot of patience on my behalf because of their winging & griping – but you know what? They rarely even ask for tv anymore & have forgotten the whole PlayStation thing… Now, this way of living takes more effort, more organisation & more thought, BUT it is SO WORTH IT! The kids & I cook, bake, play cards, play board games, they practice their skateboarding tricks & scooter skills, their homework is always done on time. We go for walks, in the summer they swim at the local pool, in winter we build forts inside & play imaginative games etc… This means I don’t get as many “breaks” as some parents would like & I’m ok with that. I understand that this way of life is not for everyone & I know that technology is here to stay & will eventually be running our world – but my little home does not have to be run by it & I’m going to do my best to keep it that way for as long as I can. I do not want us opening contributing to the tonnes of E Waste our country produces on a daily basis & I want to show my kids & anyone else that will listen, that there is a low-tech was of life that still exists and is fun to live.

Please, clean out your cupboards, drawers, desks & shelves of broken, outdated or otherwise useless E Waste, google where your local recycling points are for it all & feel the weight lifted from your clutter as another space opens in your world for Imagination, Re-Connection & creativity in your family life.珞