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Day 43… The “No spend year”



How is it already half way through February?! Anyone else think that time is speeding up?

So today is payday and when that day rolls around, normally most people go shopping Shopping Cart…. Not this little black duckDuck …. Today marks day 43 in my second no spend year – the interesting thing is some days are super easy & some days I just want to spend every cent I’ve worked my backside off to have. Anyone else feel this way?

I have discovered that having children makes “no spend “ even more interesting… Anyway, things are going well. I really want to focus on reducing my possessions again as it always brings me clarity of mind and I learn to appreciate what I have even more. I also want to go through my kids possessions as I feel like their stuff is slowly taking over their rooms. It’s amazing how even though we strive for a zero waste – minimalistic- low carbon footprint kind of life, stuff creeps in. Well meaning people give your kids “samples” or “prizes” for participating (that’s a whole other can of worms for a later date blog) and being kids they happily accept, play with it for 2 minutes & then it disappears into the toy basket never to see the light of day again…

I am considering a purchase at the moment, I have a month to think about it as The end of March marks a special date – My love’s Birth date (its kinda a big deal, the big 5.0.!)so I have several ideas that I am mindfully & consciously considering as a gift… He is the kind of man who has had the same shorts for the last 6 years, that he washes & wears – only because of me have the t shirts with holes been downgraded to the rag bag & “new” (op shopped) shirts have taken their place – you catch my drift, he is one of the most minimalistic people I know. So a gift for him requires a lot of thought & must have meaning…

ON A ZERO WASTE NOTE… My love went to put the bin out for emptying last Wednesday & came hurriedly up the stairs calling out for me. I was concerned that there was a snake or something as one had been spotted in the neighboring yard, but no, he wanted to let me know that our Wheely bin was EMPTY! We had gone through our first official week putting NOTHING in landfill!!!! This is huge!!! It has taken 2 years of this zero Waste journey to get to this point and I was so happy I squealed hahaZany Face I know this will not be the case every week, but It’s a goal and we are working our butts off daily to achieve it Seedling 

Thanks for reading, let me know what you’d like me to blog about to do with Zero Waste – Family – Budget – Veganism with a family etc… I’m an open book & willing to share whatever knowledge I gain