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Zero Waste Travel – Part 2

Recently we traveled to Sydney, NSW Australia 

It’s a just over 1,000km’s away & Air Travel is the fastest & most time affective way to get there & back in the space of 4 days.

Now – I know I’m most likely going to cop flack about being a “ Zero Waste Hypocrite” or some such crap & that’s ok by me, it is my life & my choices. Let’s just consider that settled ok? Hehe 

Here’s how I see it – The Plane will travel to Sydney whether I’m on it or not, because, let’s face it, in the present mindset of our world, Air Travel is here to stay.

With this, I present my

“Zero Waste Travel Tips Part 2” …

1/ Always choose to Offset your Carbon Emissions

2/ Use electronic Tickets  this saves on paper.

3/ Travel lightly – Pack your Water Bottle, Reusable Cup, Container for takeaway food while on the go, Cloth bags, Reusable Straw etc. These will actually help you tread lightly on the earth while you enjoy your travel. Other than these items, pack as sparringly as you can.

4/ Take your own Drinks, Food/Snacks on the plane   this helps your avoid overly packaged plane food & single use plastic cups etc

5/ Take your own Devices & Entertainment – this helps avoid having to open those singularly plastic wrapped head phones & buying plastic wrapped crap at the shops inside the Terminal or On board long haul flights.

6/ Ask the Flight attendants if they will fill your water bottle or reusable cup if you run out of water or would like a cup of coffee/tea. Make sure you take your own loose leaf tea (this can only happen on domestic flights as international won’t allow it through customs) or if you drink coffee take it black to avoid single use milk containers.

7/ Make sure you’re dressed warm, comfortably and take adequate sleeping gear with you for long haul flights. A neck pillow & a small blanket is usually enough as long as you’re dressed sensibly. This helps you avoid unwrapping the plastic wrapped blankets & pillows.

8/ For those of you travelling with Kids, have a “surprise bag” filled with Zero or near Zero Waste surprises for them that they’re not allowed to open til they get “bored.” 2nd hand travel games, card games, colouring in, word puzzle books for older kids ( these are all a dime a dozen at op shops / thrift stores) LEGO, Paint with water books… I could go on and on.

9/ When you arrive at your destination, choose Public Transport to get to your destination if possible. If it isn’t then Use a Car sharing company, Uber or if no other choice, the safest, smallest Hire Car available.

10/ Research your destination before you arrive – find out if there are Bulk Food Stores anywhere near by. Find out where you can buy fresh fruit n Veggies package free etc…


Have fun! Chill out! I can pretty much guarantee at some stage along the way, Waste will happen, when it does, don’t beat yourself up, it’s not worth it. Deal with it as best you can, and let it go… Enjoy your trip!